10-September-2016 - A Day Full Of Wisdom - Things I Learned Today

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Saturday, 10 September 2016

10-September-2016 - A Day Full Of Wisdom

Things I Learned On September 10, 2016:-
-          There May Be Certain Changes In The Initial Plans, But You Must Always Focus On What You Can Do In The Existing Circumstances. (Plan Changed For Phagwara Visit. Bike Vs. Bus)
-          That Awesome Moment When You Come Across People Who Like To Create Large Amount Of Happiness From Small Situations. (Mam Outside The Library.)
-          Sometimes, Even A Good Speakers Make Such Mistakes That They Shouldn’t And It Is Perfectly Fine Until And Unless People Don’t Notice It. (Views On Network Marketing.)
-          We Should Not Speak About The Things We Don’t Know. It Puts The Bad Impression On The Audience. (Network Marketing)
-          What You Do, May Not Be Appreciated By All, But It Will Definitely Catch The Eyes Of Some In Future. (Lesson Credits: Dilnaz)
-          You Must Always Be Honest And Genuine With The Words You Use To Express Your Feelings. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Loviraj Gupta Sir.)
-          Use Of Right Vocabulary Is Very Important. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Loviraj Gupta Sir.)

Thanks To Mr. Rajat Mathur Sir For The Following Lessons:
-          You Must Develop An Interest Of All The Audience Before Beginning Your Speech.
-          You Should Be Honest With Your Audience.
-          If It Is Important, You Will Reach For It On Time Otherwise, It Shows That It’s Just A Joke For You. (P.S. His Story Of Being Punctual.)
-          Life Is Not Fair, You Don’t Have To Care About It.
-          You Always Have A Choice.
-          Worry About The Things That Under Your Locus Of Control. (P.S. Yet I Feel, We Should Not Care About Them Neither, As Things That We Can Control, We Should Rather Focus On Solving Them.)
-          People Like Nice People.
-          Do It For Yourself.
-          Invest In Brand You.
-          Make Yourself Appealing, Not Just Looks But Your Character.
-          Live.
-          Focus On Building VIP. (Values, Interests, Passion.)
-          Build Yourself As Personality Not Just A Student.
-          People Notice Everything You Do Or Say.
-          You Must Have The Basic Competence In Your Life.
-          Increase The Self Seek In You, To Learn More.
-          Watching And Experiencing Gives More Learning. (Self Learning Is Important.)
-          If It Is Important For You, You Will Do It.
-          If You Haven’t Tried It, You Don’t Have The Right To Comment And Say, “I Don’t Like It.”
-          Work Hard. Play Harder.
-          Never Say You Don’t Have Time.
-          Use Google. Enhance Your Knowledge And Use It.
-          Make Friends And Do More Experiments.
-          Have The Right Attitude In Your Life.
-          Its Not Just Demand And Supply That Be Defined In Terms Of Function But Also The Success. (P.S. I Will Share My Views About It In Detail Shortly.)

-          An Easiest Escape Plan Is The Excuse And That Is What Hold You Back. (For Instance: I Could Not Do It Because, I Did Not Get Time.)

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