07-September-2016 - An Unexpected Day With Ample Lessons - Things I Learned Today

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

07-September-2016 - An Unexpected Day With Ample Lessons

Things I Learned On September 7, 2016:
-          Sometimes, You Take Decisions Just Considering The Consequences, By Ignoring The Fact That You Actually Want To Do Something Else. (No Smile Done In A Bus.)
-          Someone From The Audience May Try To Make You Laugh But You Must Need To Hold On To Your Emotions At The Time Of Public Speaking. (News In Accounting Lecture Vs. Ashima )
-          Not Everyone Is Going To Like What You Love But That Doesn’t Not Matter. Ultimately, You Know More Skills To Handle People In A Better Manner.
-          It’s Good To Have Fun But It Should Not Be At The Cost Of Others. (Disturbing In Economics Lecture.)
-          It Is Not Good To Be A Part Of Various Activities, But You Must Always Fulfill All The Commitments That You Give. (Lesson Credits: Tanya Nagpal Mam)
-          You Must Always Respect The Presence Of A Teacher In A Class. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Likhit Sir)
-          That Awesome Moment When You Are Able To Describe What The Other Person Is Feeling. (Shubhraj In A Library.)
-          Distractions Will Chase You, But You Must Complete The Important Task. (Discussion With Shubhraj Vs. Lunch)
-          That Hilarious Moment When People Who Don’t Like To Listen, Are Asked To Keep Quite. (Tanya Does Not Like To Listen To People.)
-          If We Provide Those Things To People In Which They Are Not Good At, They Will Gradually Learn To Use Them With A Span Of Time. (A Girl At Jio OHD)
-          No Matter How Much Right You Are, You Should Never Say To Anyone, “You Are Wrong, I Can Prove It.” (P.S. A Guy At Jio OHD, Said The Same To One Of The Teachers.)
-          People May Try To Demotivate You About Something You Do, But Still Prefer To See The Positive Sides Of Things That You Love To Do. (NSS)
-          That Amazing Moment When You Treat Strangers As If They Are Your Friends, In The First Meeting Only.
Things I Learned From Naman Jain:
-          It Is Good To Do Everything That You Want To Do, But There Must Be A Proper Synchronization In All The Things You Do.
-          Prioritize Your Work And Most Of Your Problems Will Be Solved.
-          Everybody Wants To Have Everything But You Must Always Focus On Doing One Thing At A Time So That Step By Step, You Can Get As Many Things As You Want To.
-          2 Minutes Can Result In A Productive Time Of 30 Minutes. (P.S.Shubhraj Stopped Me And Naman Taught Me Various Lessons.)

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