03-September-2016 - A Day That Carried Numerous Lessons - Things I Learned Today

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

03-September-2016 - A Day That Carried Numerous Lessons

Things I Learned On September 03, 2016:

-          A Smile Can Change The Way You Deal With People.

-          Its Not The Degree But The Knowledge That Speaks. (Lesson Credits: Shubhraj)

-          There Are Two Reasons Why We Don’t Grab An Opportunity:
A) 100% Accuracy Syndrome.
B) Chronic Tomorrow Syndrome. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Babban, A Toastmaster)

-          To Prove Yourself Right, You Should Not Show Others Wrong. (Lesson Credits: Jyoti Bisla)

-          A Good Speaker Should Not Contradict The Response Given By A Person From An Audience. (Toastmaster Vs. Shubhraj)

-          You Must Have A Basic Knowledge. (P.S. To Climb A Mountain, You Must Have A Mountain.) (Lesson Credits: Varinder Sir)

-          You Must Do Things Even If You Are Not Appreciated About Them Because If You Do Not Do Them, You Are Screwed. (Varinder Sir.)

-          Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity And Ambiguity (VUCA).

-          A Quote, “Trouble With Normal Is That It Always Get Worse.’

-          Plan Your Action And Then Act On It. (Lesson Credits: Varinder Sir.)

-          Your Network Is Net Worth. (Varinder Sir.)

-          Challenge Is Not Employment Nor Opportunity But An Employability.

-          Never Give Up. (Mr. Mohommad Asif Iqbal)

-          Nazar Ya Nazariya.

-          Smile At Lower Income Group. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Mohd. Asif Iqbal)

-          It Is Very Easy To Criticize But Hard To Appreciate. (Mr. Mohd. Asif Iqbal)

-          Seeing A Spider Is Not A Problem. Trouble Begins When It Disappears. (P.S. Dangerous Spider On My Lap In A Bus.)

-          An Ego Of People Gives Rise To Their Dispute With Other People. (A Dispute In A Bus)

This was one of the most amazing days of my life. The day started with a normal routine of taking a bus for University, until I reached there. Later on, Navjot, Shubhraj and Me, went to Library for discussion on the case study of “The Crime That pays and pretty well, too.” There were many good points that were shared by Shubhraj that were very helpful for our case study group discussion. I was amazed to see him giving so many of tips that I didn’t expect from him. However, I felt proud of him, not just because he was giving a good impression in front of my friends but also because he is my friend and I am glad to know that he has good base of knowledge.

Soon after the same, we had to go to attend a demo session of Toastmasters International at 10:00 a.m. It was already 10:05 a.m. when Jyoti came in library and asked us to hurry to the conference hall. First and foremost, I was surprised to see her and asked how she came to know about our location, she informed that Shubhraj told her. I smiled and we headed for the Toastmasters International Session.

It was a huge gathering and I wanted to speak but didn’t get an opportunity but got chance to hear people when I heard from Mr. Babban about various aspects on Public Speaking which were quite helpful. Meanwhile, Jyoti’s health was getting worse due to which we decided to leave.

After around one hour, we went for our Guest Lecture which was headed by Varinder Sir, in which he shared many stories to teach us various lessons. He discussed many questions such as Why MBA? For CASH. And He gave us an overview about how this cash can be generated which he beautifully explained by the four letter word, KASH, “Kuch Adhoore Sapne Humaare?” Naah!! Knowledge Attitude Skills Habits. He suggested us to know basics and have courage to compete ourselves to push our boundaries. He shared stories of An Elephant who is tied to a rope for whole of his life. Other stories included Nirma, Close Up 20% extra, Aircel, Dhyan Chand, Bruce Lee Video. He made an attempt to showcase us an ability of a MBA Fresher. He later discussed VUCA. He expressed how challenges make us perform better. In addition, He suggested us to have two types of skills; a) Interpersonal skills, b) Selling Skills. He also suggested us to have the passion to grow in our life. Be a learner. Have Positive Attitude, Integrity. Have Linked Profile. He later shared two charts which are expressed below.




Show Off
Role Model

Dead Wood


Later, we had a session with Mr. Mohommad Asif Iqbal and its experience will be shared shortly in detail.
Thank You For Reading,

Keep Learning :-)
Keep Sharing :-)

Rohit Sood.

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