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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

An Interesting Evening Of The Day:

An Interesting Evening Of The Day:
Today, We Were Asked To Prepare A Speech On Ambani’s Group, Unfortunately, I Did Not Read Much Before The Session.

However, My Friend, Shubhraj Wanted Me To Share My Views. He Felt As If I Wanted To Speak But Lacked A Confidence To Raise My Hands, To Speak About Mr. Mukesh Ambani. He Was Unaware Of The Fact That I Actually Did Not Read Much Except That He Is India’s Richest Person And World’s 36th Powerful Person As Per Forbes List.

This Wasn’t The End, As Shubhraj Held My Hand And Pushed It Upwards And Said, “My Friend Wants To Speak First.”

When I Was Walking Towards The Stage, Varinder Sir Spoke That It Was Not Me Who Raised My Hands But My Friend Who Nominated Me To Speak.

Based On The Concept He Shared With Us Few Moments Before That Time, I Spoke, “Well, Sir He Pushed Me To Create A Pull In Me.” He Was Happy To Realize That I Understood What He Explained.

Finally, It Was The Time To Speak About Mukesh Ambani When I Had Only 2 Lines To Say, Yet I Spoke For Around 4-5 Minutes. I Can Not Express In Words How Much Funny Incident That Was, However, I Am Glad To Share This Experience With Each One Of You.

While I Was Going On, With My Speech, I Used The Statement, “I Don’t Want To Be Mukesh Ambani, I Am Rohit Sood And There Is A Difference Between Him And Me.”
In A Very Calm Manner, I Heard A Voice, From Guneetpaul Sir, Asking Me, “So, What Is The Difference Between You And Him?”

With A Smile On My Face, I Replied, ”That’s A Very Good Question.” Suddenly, There Was An Humor In The Class.

Meanwhile, Varinder Sir Started With A Statement, “When We Teachers Say Good Question, It Is Generally When We Don’t Know The Answer...”
This Single Statement Made All Of Us To Laugh Out Loud In Unison.
He Continued, “Generally, When Someone Is Not Prepared With The Content, They Usually Share The Gyan. Similarly, In His Speech, There Was Only 2% Content And Rest Was Just Gyan.”

I Laughed Out Loud Because, His Every Sentence Was Making Sense And Was Completely True.
He Later Asked Me About The Course I Am Pursuing. As soon as I replied, ”MBA”, He smiled and said, ”You Are At The Right Place.” All Of Us Laughed Again.

Finally, He Shared Story About 6 MBA Students And Related Current Incident With His Story. In Addition, He Thanked Me For Creating Such A Scene Which Reminded Him That Story.

Thank You For Reading..
There Is More To Come..
Stay Tuned…

Keep Learning :-)
Keep Sharing :-)

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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