26-August-2016 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Saturday, 27 August 2016


Things I Learned On August 26, 2016:-

-          It Feels Amazing When You Take A Wise Decision About Certain Issues. (P.S. Hard Disk Corrupt Of Prabhjot PC.)
-          The Moment You Choose To Use Your Energy In A Best Manner, You Start Doing Wonders In Your Life. (Lesson Credits: Minakshi Mam)
-          Insecurity Is Nothing But A Creation Of Mind.
-          People Like The Ones Who Not Only Make Them Smile But Also Laugh.
-          Sometimes, It Becomes Important To Think And Then Speak. (Lesson Credits: Raspinder Kaur)
-          You Should Never Make So Much Of Expectations From Anyone So Soon.
-          That Awkward Moment When People Start Taking Advantage Of Their Positions And Try To Make You Feel Inferior.
-          That Hilarious Moment When You Are Asked To Sing A Song In An Interview.
-          You Should Never Brag About Money Rather Just Do Things That Are Right. (Lesson Credits: Yash Mamaji)
-          The Things That You Don’t Feel Right, It Is Better To Express Them. (Lesson Credits: Raspinder Kaur)

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