08-July-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Friday, 15 July 2016


Things I Learned On July 08, 2016:-
- That One Moment When You See People Doing Things Selfishly That You Didn't Do, Thinking What Others Would Be Wondering (Late Office)
- Its Always Important To Focus On Doing What Is Right.
- That Awkward Moment When You End Up Wasting Your Time And Money Because Of Lack Of Patience. (Pizza Day)
- That One Moment When You See People Cheating For Some Mere Benefits. (Pizza Theft.)
- Birds Know Well About The Value Of Patience. ( A View At Birds From Cafeteria.)
- The Moment You Ask From Someone, For A Thing You Want, You Question Its Feasibility By Yourself.
- You Need To Do Just What You Want To.
- The Strength And Persistence Is A Key To Success. (A Seat In A Train. Jitender Kumar)
- That Awkward Moment When You See People Fighting For A Seat In A Train.
- The One Moment When Someone Sense That There Are People Stronger Than Him, And Hence, He Leaves The Place, Keeping His Ego Aside.
- When People Get Together For A Cause, The Wrong Doer Automatically Leaves The Place.
- The More You Allow Others To Decide Things For You, The More You Will Get Sad. (Unplanned Leave.)
- Sometimes, You Must Trust Your Intuitions More Than Anything Else. (Switch Off The Phone When Required.)
- When You Feel That Your Presence Makes Someone Sad, It Does Not Mean That You Should Kill Your Inner Desires Just Because Someone Does Not Like You.
- That Awesome Moment When You Get The Wonderful Results Just Because Of Your Persistence.

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