19-June-2016 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Things I Learned On June 19, 2016:-
- Sometimes, you end up wasting your time, by doing something in the hope of saving your time. (Going to Sahara earlier than required.)
- You Can Quit A Bad Habit If You Have A Burning Desire For The Same. (Lesson Credits:- Movie: Udta Punjab) (Tommy For Mary.)
- Worse Situations Test Your Loyalty Towards Your Dream. Make Sure You Pass That Exam. (Lesson Credits: Udta Punjab) ( Mary Jane)
- Most Of Your Problems Get Solved If You Learn To Connect The Dots. (Lesson Credits:- Udta Punjab)
- Our Ignorance is the reason for most of our problems. (Alcohol In Soft Drink.)
- If it is hard to stay No, just leave the place so that you are not asked about the question for which you don't want to say yes for.
- That Awesome Moment When You Come Across Someone Whom You understand In A Best Manner. (Lesson Credits: Geetika Prashar)
- That Amazing Moment When You Say Something Before The Other Person Is Going To Tell You About Them. (Lesson Credits: Geetika Prashar)
- Honesty Is Actually The Best Policy Or May Be It Is Not Being Used That Frequently Anymore. (Lesson Credits: Geetika Prashar)

Things I Learned From Phire Bhai:-
- If You Chase Someone, They Will Run From You. However, If You Run From Them, They Will Chase You. (Call Cut Vs. Call Received.)
- Never Tell Your Secrets To Your *I*e.
- Never Befriend With P*!i$c^.
- Never grow ber (hindi) infront of your doorstep.
- Never Take Money From Any New Sahukaar.
- Be Confident When You Speak. (Adil vs Adil Hussain)
- Your words matter, they can get you f&@#ed or help you to F#$k.

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