11-June-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Things I Learned On June 11, 2016:-
- If you hate that "Regret Job", just take a command of the situation to do what you want to do. (A visit to Taj Mahal)
- That awkward moment when you see people putting others in trouble juat for there mere benefits. (Bus Conductor Vs. Rs. 20)
- You always get many chancws to go forward very easily by leaving people behind. But that's how you will end up being alobe when you reach at your destination. (One Auto Vs. Many Autos)
- You must always set high standards in your life. (Lesson Credits: Photographer Anoop At Taj Mahal)
- That awkward moment when people enter into the vicious circle of following other people, who are already busy following others. (P.S. People were throwing their shoe covers on ground in Taj Mahal, just because others were doing the same.)
- The moment you decide to improve yourself, the change occurs.
- That awesome moment when you save someone else's time. (Auto Driver, Umesh Vs. A Passenger)
- That one moment when you can't stop yourself from making people realize about the difference between the good and the bad. (Navranjan, A Stranger In A Bus)

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