07-June-2016 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Things I Learned On June 07, 2016:-
- That one moment when people lock their  brains in a locker while using the money of others. (Rs. 25, Rs. 60 Vs  Rs. 140)
- Never share your future plans with anyone, you may experience negativity.  (P.S. Wrong Comparison Of Bad Performance.)
- Even your one wrong step, may work against you, when you are the target of some people. (Bad Performance)
- One of the major causes for the people to get angry is the lie that they hear from other people. (Reference Number In 45 Minutes)
- To Ask Is To Invite No For The Thing That You Want In Life. However, To Do, Is the Way To Increase Your Confidence To Chase Your Dreams. (Lesson Credits:- Breaks Without Asking)
- If Doing Something Alone Seems An Expensive Task To You. To Share Is The Key To Solve Your Problems. (Lesson Credits:- Upasna Grover.)
- That Awkward Moment When People Demotivate Others.

Things I Learned At India Gate:-
- No preparation should be done at the time of examination. It is the time when you actually perform but not prepare.
- Just because you don't know it, doesn't mean that it is not being done by others.
- You cannot put your 100% efforts if you work for the organization about which you don't know its motto.
- A coward cannot make a difference.
- Knowing that someone is standing by your side at the time of need, reduces half of your problems mentally.
- Perception is the culprit for most of the misunderstandings in our life.
- That awkward moment when you want to say something but does not able to fins the right words for it.
- Do What Your Heart Says.

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