26-May-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Things I Learned On May 26, 2016:-
- You Know How Immature You Are, if You Take Unnecessary Things Too Seriously. (Scorpio)
- Nobody Can Know Our Weaknesses Unless We Present Them To People.
- Earning Opportunities Can Be Created Easily If You Are Business Minded.
- Think And Decide. Just Don't Care About The Rest. (Lesson Credits: Rajesh Rajput)
- You Get Many Choices But You Must Select The Best, No Matter What People Would Think. (Lesson Credits: Rajesh Rajput)
- You May Be Having Many Wishes In Your Life, Let Them Come Out Of Heart And Make Them Real. (Lesson Credits: Rajesh Rajput)

Things I Learned On May 26, 2016:-
- The Moment You Decide About The Thing You Don't Want To Do, The Entire Universe Conspire To Not Let That Happen. (Money Exchange)
- The More Late You Start Your Journey, The Later You Will Reach At Your Destination. (Bus Late, Auto Late, Train Late)
- We Consider Scope Of Opportunities Limited To Our Knowledge Only But There Is A lot More To What We Can Do With Available Resources. (Business Analyst)
- Everything Can Become Late At Certain Situations No Matter What It Is. (Train Late)
- That Awesome Moment When You Become Instant Friend With A Stranger. (Rajesh Rajput.)
- It Is Easy To Trust A Stranger With Your Secrets Than Your Known People.
- The More Time You Spend With Experienced Persons, The More Knowledge You Gain.
- That One Moment When You Look At A Stranger And Say,"That's One Of The Personality Traits That I Want To Acquire."

Today was the time to go back to delhi and the train which was supposed to arrive at 4:38p.m.,  came at 5:42 p.m. However, as soon as I entered the train, I reached at my seat I noticed a person sitting at my seat. He immediately vacated that seat asking if that seat belonged to me. So, as soon as I settled, I pretty frankly said to him that this place in a train was not so amazing as it was like a bus environment and I wouldn't get chance to talk to many people. He laughed and made some comments which basically started our conversation. I asked his name which was exactly similar to my interviewer 1 of previous day i.e. Rajesh. He shared a lot of his memorable experiences of his life and shared valuable lessons with me. How the whole journey passed with him, I have no clue about it. Soon after, the time to reach delhi was coming closer and train was getting even more late and I had no chance of getting Metro for gurgaon and was living in my hollow belief that I would get a metro. He told me that he kept his car at station and would drop me in gurgaon. I was wondering, what if I wouldn't get an Auto from there, Metro would be better. He still insisted me to accompany him. I called my friend Ankit and he searched and called me back and said that to get a metro at 11:35 p.m. from Kashmiri Gate, I must reach Sabzi Mandi Railway Station at 11:20 p.m. I checked train timing and it said that it would reach there at 11:25 p.m. Exactly at 11:24 p.m. it was about to reach Sabzi Mandi but it stopped in a way and stayed there up till 11:55p.m. Finally, we reached Delhi at 12:28 p.m. after which I went with Rajesh Sir in his car and he told me that he would drop me 1 k.m. behind from Ambiance Mall, however, seeing at my lack of knowledge of that place, he ultimately dropped me at IFCO Chownk from where I took Auto for my place. When we were about to reach there, I realized that he came farther to drop me, than he were supposed to. I asked him about the same. He told me that it brought 7 K.M. difference in his journey. I realized how kind a person can be, if he decides to help someone with no limits. It was he because of whom, I safely reached at my residence at 1:35 am otherwise, things would have been difficult for me.

I hereby thank him for all his support till the end and for all the lessons he shared with me in our whole journey.

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