01-May-2016 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Things I Learned On May 1, 2016:-
- Sometimes, You Adjust. At Other Times, You Must Also Ask others To Adjust. (Train 1)
- No Matter How Many Unnecessary Things You Do, But First Things First. (Registration) (Lesson Credits: Varun Kalucha)
- Offers Can Be Many. But Acceptance Must Be Given Only To The Best Ones.(Accommodation.)
- Jealousy Is A Feeling That People Get When Someone Else Get Something They Want And They Can't Be Happy Until They Also Get It. (Selfie)
- That Hilarious Moment When People Get Scared From Any Unfamiliar Voice Even If It Isn't Harmful For Anybody.
- That Awesome Moment When A Stranger Falls In Love With Your Smile So Much That They Can't Stop Blushing While Looking At You.
- Some People Come In Our Life Only For A Very Short Period Of Time.
- Birth Day Is Like Another Day If You Don't Hear Any Voice Or See Any Text That Says Happy Birthday.
- God Sends Us Many Omens About Various Things. What Matters Is, How We Read Them. (Many Eye Contacts)
- A Little Effort Brings Enormous Results.
- Time, Its A Wonderful Creation. Everything Appears And Fades Away Just With Time.
- No Matter How Careless You Become, God Always Cares For Your Well Being.

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