31-March-2016 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Friday, 1 April 2016


Things I Learned On March 31, 2016:-
- Your extra mile walk doesn't matter to anyone if it doesn't solve their problem. (Gati vs. Rs. 829)
- You will come across many small successes in the process of achieving your long term goal. But never stop to enjoy your short term achievement until you reach your ultimate destination. (Virat Kohli.)
- If you want something, first and foremost, you got to take a stand for it. (Shift Change Request)
- People may be thankless at times, but your generosity always wins. (Cyber Hub Plan)
- You may be weird at times, but until it makes people happy, its wonderful to be weird.
- You realize how awesome you are, when you are the reason for someone's smile.
- That awesome moment when you speak against people who take you for granted.
- That hilarious moment when your sacrifice is used against you. (Empty Bucket Vs. Half Bucket.)
- That hilarious moment when some people call you only when they need you. (Lost in crowd)

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