06-March-2016 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Things I Learned On March 06, 2016:-
-  Money is not everything but it gives you confidence at times when required.
- Most of the things we think, never really happen but some of them happen exactly the way we think. Make sure you think positive things.
- You cannot think what people may think but you can definitely prevent them from perceiving what you don't want them to. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta)
- Sometimes, we laugh at situations which might offend other people.
- You cannot determine what is there in someone's mind until and unless they signals you to perceive what they want you to believe.
- That one moment when your girlfriend doesn't let you pay and you don't let her pay. In that case, who will pay…!! lolz :-D
- That awesome moment when you meet with your school friend with whom you don't pretend rather just be yourself.
- People may ask you to stop at times. But its all on your priorities whether you want to stop or not.
- Its quite easy to save your life Life but it takes huge heart to give up your life to save someone else's life. (Lesson Credits: Neeraj Bhanot)

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