17-February-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Thursday, 18 February 2016


Things I Learned On February 17, 2016:-
- That Awesome moment when you come to know the good results of your actions.
- Sometimes, it is better to trust your own intuitions than other people.
- There is no harm in saying what you want to say, especially when the only thing that is stopping you, is "what would people say if you do?".
- Sometimes, lying is the best escape plan, but make sure that you use it only infront of the people who don't deserve to know your truth.
- If you want something, just start thinking of it, the whole universe will conspire to provide you that thing.

1. The customer whom I helped on February 10, 2016, his another case came to me once again, he was not aware about it, but I noticed it. After I checked the details, I was happy to know that my help of that day solved his previous concern within hours. I felt very glad to know that.

2. At Canteen, when I was about to purchase Sweet (Gulab Jamun), the person at the counter said that it was getting warmer, so I came back after 10 minutes, I still felt that it was cold. But he pretended that now it was hot However, after I ate it, I came to realize that I was right as it was still cold.

3. I lent money to someone around 2 months ago. He never said even hi to me before or after taking money from me. I felt that I must ask for it as there is no such connection like that. Therefore, I asked for it. Though he said that he will return some other time, but I felt good about myself.

4. "I knocked your door why didn't you guys open it.", That is what he said.

5. Long Story But Amazing Power Revealed.
@The Power of Subconscious Mind@
Today, I read about many benefits of egg. I also read that egg is veg. Moreover, it had already been 19 weeks that I haven't ate egg or chicken. When I went to canteen for lunch, I felt like ordering Egg Curry with chapatis.
But I felt that I have already not eaten for long months so better not to break the record.

When at night, just before dinner, we went for a walk in the street, I saw hawkers selling boiled eggs, I realized that it have been months that I didn't try boiled eggs.

To my surprise, when I reached at PG, I saw that it was Egg Curry with chapatis in dinner.
Finally I just ate it and realized how the Subconscious Mind works and it was quite amazing.

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Rohit Sood

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