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Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Things I Learned On February 15, 2016:-
- We give up slightly before achieving success, that's the only reason we fail. (Auto Incident)
- There is always someone bigger than you, so always be humble and kind to everyone. (Lesson Credits:- Dilip Kumar And JRD Tata Story by Narendra Parmar Ji.)
- Some people make us sad, it doesn't mean that we should make someone else sad too. (Lesson Credits:- Sachinder Sirji)
- Its perfectly alright to go beyond your limits to help someone bur make sure that it doesn't put you in trouble. However, problem is a problem only if you perceive it as a problem. (Story of four military persons travelling in a train.)
- Its easy to pass your money to a beggar but its amazing to provide him with a food to eat. And they will say thank you in return. (Lesson Credits: A Live Incident)
- A present which occurred just a second ago, has become a past. Therefore, there is no point in regretting about that. Thus, its better to think about what can be done to make the situation right and solve the problem. (Lesson Credits:- Parmar Ji And Sachin Ji)
- That hilarious moment when you are told something that you already know but you cannot share it with the speaker.
- Its helpful to motivate others to achieve more. But its even more wonderful to use the same words to yourself to achieve even bigger. (Lesson Credits:- Dimple Gupta)
- Connecting the dots of a day answers all the questions of your each day query. (A Mobile Lost)

It was not another day but a completely different than any other day.

I woke up so early even if it was my weekly off from work.
Breakfast came at around 8:30a.m. and I also served it, to my pg mates of adjacent rooms as well. Meanwhile one of them asked for a bucket from a care taker.
After they all went to their rooms.
Caretaker requested me if I can give my bucket to her. I told him that I needed it first at that particular time. However, I would give bucket to her once I was done.
As promised, I gave bucket to her. I felt that my pg mates might get disappointed but I felt that it was right at that point of time so I must not care.
Finally I left for Narendra Sir's PG where I met with Sachin Ji also.
We came across many odds in one day.
Firstly we went to Sikanderpur by walking from their PG, then we went to MG road metro station after that, we went to MI Service Center to get the phone repaired
They denied to help without an invoice bill.
Our friend Roshan Ji, was the actual customer but he was not with us.
He was supposed to be available for call after an hour.
So we decided to have lunch and a cup of tea at a road corner opposite of MI Service Center in Gurgaon.

When we were having lunch, meanwhile a begger came to ask for money. Narendra ji denied the same but with complete kindness, asked him if he would like to eat something.
He replied,"Rice".
Unfortunately, Rice was not  available with that hawker. So, he decided to have one Prantha with Curry and a cup of tea, then Narendra ji asked him if he could eat 2. He said, "Yes". He told Aunt to provide the same as requested by him.
After some minutes, he was done and while Sachin Ji, Parmar Ji and I were talking, that boy stopped near us and said,"Thankyou" to Narendra Parmar Ji.  I really felt amazing, that particular incident touched my soul.

Story of Dilip Kumar and JRD Tata will be shared shortly.

Narendra Ji discussed alot about his past mistakes and experiences.
He shared his experience about his Job interview, lending money to people, getting himself in trouble in the process of helping others.

Sachin ji and Narendra Ji made me realize something that I wasn't supposed to do all these years but had actually done. They made me realize how much important it is to make someone smile and to look towards present and future instead of repenting on past.

The above situation started because Narendra Ji lost his mobile or you can say, it was stolen.
When we were waiting for a metro at Central Secretariat metro station platform, there was too much crowd. The metro was also full when it came, however as we entered we four were separated in a group of two. Me and Sachin ji were standing away from Roshan Ji and Narendra Ji.
As Roshan could not get help from MI Service Centre due to the fact  that its warranty was expired, so he was thinking of which phone he must buy.

After some time, when crowd decreased, we all were together again. And Narendra Ji said to Roshan ji,"If you are looking for a new mobile, purchase two of them because someone stole my mobile as soon as I entered metro. As I was entering the metro, a person who was coming out of it, suddenly took it from my pocket, I sensed something wrong just happened. I looked for my phone and wallet, but mobile was missing."

I was so surprised to see him smiling and looking at the situation in a very pretty positive manner and infact he was excited about purchasing a new one.
I felt amazing to be a part of such a situation.
I really appreciate the way he responded to the situation rather than reacting.

Keep Learning ☺
Keep Sharing ☺
Keep Smiling ☺

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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