07-February-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Monday, 8 February 2016


Things I Learned On February 07, 2016:-
- That amazing moment when you come across a person who is so loyal. (Kanchan R.72)
- That proud moment when you change the perspective of an individual from negative to positive. (Sudhakar)
- People put their best efforts to convince you for a certain decision only because they are having their own benefits in it. Make sure you decide things on your own. (Change)
- Whatever you think inside your mind, it takes place in the external world as well. (Security Request.)
- People motivate other people in a best manner but still themselves feel the same when they are in trouble. (Tiffin Misplaced)
- That awkward when you are supposed to suggest a thing that you have not tried it even once.

P.S. First and foremost, I went to office on time, may be because today, I went there alone.
It was amazing to see one of the customers changed his way of talking within the conversation just after I assisted him. I felt very good while assisting him.
One of the customers was asking me that what mobile I would suggest him. Though I suggested him in a best manner, yet I told him that he has to take a decision ultimately.
Then I came back to room.
I heard songs , read a book.
Learned certain things from that book. Cannot share them until I apply them to my life as well.
My friend was so keen to know the place where the food gets cooked. I was so shocked to see a place. Moreover, after we reached there, a bit uncomfortable moment took place when the lady who cooks food asked that person that why he took us there.
Finally, my friend came to know from them that they were not having his Tiffin and they distributed food to others in it.
So he came back and got angry at that person who takes care of food.
Finally care taker of our room, came at night at our floor and requested for a security amount. Since then, I started thinking that whether it was a right decision to change PG or not. But suddenly, I put that thought away and told myself that it cannot be the case because I have already taken the decision for the same and it is best for me.
Lets see how it goes in future. However, I am feeling  that whatever the decision I took is best for me.

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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