11-January-2016 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Sunday, 17 January 2016


Things I Learned On January 11, 2016 (Winter Camp - Day 7):-
- There is never a wrong time to take the right decision, to choose the right direction. (Vishal Pandey)
- There is always a chance to correct your mistake. Choice is Yours. (Mahendra Reddy)
- Sometimes, people waste too much time in the process of finding solutions quickly. (Nazim Raza)
- Don't ever break relations of anyone by any act. (Ashwani Rai)
- Answers for right or wrong always stay within you, you just need to look for them. (Ashwani Rai)
- Whenever you work in a team, have an attitude of 'We' instead of 'I'. (Ashwani Rai)
- There is always a right time to say the right thing.
- You must not blame others, as an excuse, for your own wrong actions. (Tarun Sareen)
- You may not be a good speaker, but you definitely have something to share. Learn to speak more, to share your knowledge.
- Replace 'TUM' with 'AAP' and see how beautiful your life becomes. (Ashwani Rai)
- You may not be a good dancer but dance is one of the best ways to express what you feel. (Lesson Credits: My Solo Dance Performance)
- It feels good to showcase your talent. But it feels even awesome when you train others and make them perform on stage. (Lesson Credits: Sandeep)
- Say Less. Tell More. (Lesson Credits: Naveen)

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