03-December-2015 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Friday, 4 December 2015


Things I Learned On December 03, 2015:-
- That awkward moment when people start perceiving fraud and cons as their source of living.
- People are likely to perceive sand as gold at some times. But when deep inside your heart you know that it was you who turned that sand into gold, it feels great.
- When people get something that you haven't, you start feeling how you could have also got it. But, the moment you receive something better than them, you realize that whatever happened, happened for good. (email vs chat)
- In life, you have to believe others also, because sometimes, all you need is, a different perspective to look at same things.(Abhishekk Sir)
- That awesome moment when you start taking challenges with a smile and passion without any fear of failure. (chat.uk)
- I always heard that patience has its own limits but I was wrong. Patience is nothing but you. Its all on you that how much patience you have, to bear. (Thanks to Anamika Jain)
- No matter, you much you succeed, but never forget your sole responsibilities. (didn't call as promised.)
- Nobody likes to pay for someone else's faults. (Bharat didn't agreed)
- Having confidence in yourself is more important than blindly doing according to others, especially when deep inside your heart, you want to go along with your own opinion. (7p.m. vs 7a.m.)
- It is quite funny that  in some specific cases, we never waste time in feeling disappointed and rather just start looking for other ways to do it. But when it comes to your routine life, you become passive and start blaming things but do not find solutions for it. (P.S. It was the birthday of my friend on December 4. Therefore, I went to locker at 11:50 p.m. to wish her, I found that my phone battery was empty. Without wasting any time in it, I quickly ran to my Team Leader to take his phone, to wish her. It wasn't enough, her cellphone was busy, and his shift was over, so I went with my team leader upto the parking area where his cab was aligned. After wishing her, I went back to 5th floor to continue my work. Having after sitting there I realized, OMG!! That much excitement. HAHA!! Can you imagine our enthusiasm in these cases..lolz)
Be Always Ready To Go Extra Mile.

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