30-October-2015 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Monday, 2 November 2015


Things I Learned On October 30, 2015:-
  -  Some opportunities can be granted to a single person only, but when you have already given it to one person and someone else asks for it, it really creates a sense of disappointment in your own mind, because its hard to say No to them. (Visiter pass)
  - Some mistakes are committed by people just because of miscommunication. (Wheelers)
  - Sometimes, a moment comes in your life which seems like an opportunity and therefore you don't feel like saying No to it. But later on, you realize the difference between snatching and grabbing an opportunity. (P.S:- Some opportunities are for others and they must be left for them only.)
  - Fakeness prevails in some, at the time of greeting others.
  - Its easy to mention others that they have changed as per their look but its really hard to recognize the people who change themselves from within, completely.
  - You cannot claim to give something until you are sure enough that you actually have that thing. (Tips)
  - In life, Nobody stops for you. Then how can you expect a non-living thing to stop for you!! Yes, I am talking about TIME.  It just goes on. :-)
  - Its third time when I realized that Everything is so much connected. (P.S:- Anything that is happening around you today, was planned way before, than you can actually imagine.)
  - Applauds cannot be created via fakeness, you just got to earn them.
  - Its funny how we sometimes, just feel like showcasing ourselves as a completely different person when we are meeting with a stranger especially a girl. LoLZzzz :-D
  - When a person has a ego that he cannot lose, he just lose a battle even harder. ( P.S. :- I saw a person losing hundreds of money in one-go at casino stall in my clg but still he was in a feeling that No! he can still win even more. As long as I was there, I saw him win thousands of money after that, but all of a sudden he was still in a feeling to win significant amount, however, he just lost whole of it. Which perfectly explains a common proverb,"Jua Kisi Ka Na Hua")
  - Sometimes, we just feel like doing something for others just to help them, even if we don't want to. (Thanks to Twinkle)
  - Anybody can be a stalker. But Please just don't ever be one.
  - Always keep a track of things that you want/supposed to do, on daily basis, so that you do not fall into trouble.
  - Everything may or may not happen for a reason. But you always have a reason for whatever you do in your life. ( Thanks to Jasdeep Sir)
  - Its really easy to share your thoughts with people but its harder to provide them a food for thought.

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