18-November-2015 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


  -  When people realize that their previous option is better than all other upcoming ones, they are likely to make efforts to get back that option only.
  - When Internet is working, I use my thumbs to impress by typing for people I chat with. However, when the Internet is off, I simply write with them, to Express my point of view about various aspects of life. (WhatsApp vs. WriterApp.)
  -  We judge people from their behavior, way of talking, habits, how they deal with their elders or juniors and many more ways. But the moment we realize that all such points that seemed to be valid in past, doesn't make sense anymore, we come to know that all those points were nothing but our perceptions.
  - You can give your best in your present and hope for the best results in future. But you cannot guarantee future on the basis of present that you create. Future is uncertain, means it is.
  - Inf Life, things are so simple that if you just do them without thinking about anything, you will be amazed to see that how it was so simple but you never made a single effort to do it.
  -  It is always recommended to see the situations from other's perspective. Because sometimes, what you perceive may not be the reality. (Thanks To Savneet)

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