14-November-2015 - Things I Learned Today

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Monday, 16 November 2015


Things I Learned On November 14, 2015:-
  - That hilarious moment when you see people feeling irritated about losing something that doesn't even their's.
  - When you put yourself in trouble while helping someone by going out of your locus, you never feel bad about it because you know that no matter what people would say, but ultimately you just brought someone out of problem.
  - You can never know the other side of the story because whenever you come to know about the other side, new side of the story emerges.
  - Sometimes, your best can also not help some people because they have high demands. ( Anonymous)
  - Sometimes, its not the destiny but the kindness of a good person, that adds value to your life.
  - When you don't have too much obsession (Moha) for your belongings, it doesn't bring much difference into your life when someone steals it. (Thanks to Me)
  - Sometimes, the thing that seems best for you, may prove to be the worst for others. (Thanks to Harmeet Singh)
  - You may give final touch to your work by rechecking it more than 10 times. But it is always recommended to rectify the errors in your final work also, because chances are, that you will find few more errors in your work and that's how you achieve perfection. (Thanks to Mohit Rattu)

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