11-November-2015 - Things I Learned Today

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Thursday, 12 November 2015


Things I Learned On November 11, 2015:-
  - You start few chains of happiness and sorrows daily. Make sure you start more positive waves as compared to negative ones. (HD vs s2u)
  - In life, we all are expert at one thing i.e. to pretend. Once (in 2012) Geofrey Sir gave me the example for the same but today I actually realized that it makes a alot of sense and it's completely true. (Thanks to Geofrey Sir)
  - Sometimes, the moment you hear the news that you actually solved someone's problem completely, you suddenly come out of a bad mood to a state of happiness.
  - Sometimes, setting a false expectations in someone's mind feels like committing a crime. (P.S. Well its strange that how do I know that it feels like committing a crime when I never even committed any... :-D )
  - Sometimes, people set boundaries for their life that doesn't even exist. (I don't know why people widens the gap between themselves and the people at the higher posts. They must understand that ultimately they are also humans and they also like to laugh and have fun even if they are superior than you. Ultimately you just have to be yourself.)
  - Omens are everywhere, whether good or bad, you just got to look for them. (P.S. Today I observed a good omen which inspired me to achieve my personal calling.) (I don't know how, but I can feel that The Alchemist has already started improving my life.) (Thanks to that unknown girl for being an omen.)
  - We all have read that Honesty is the best policy. But these days I have observed the practice among people that, "Lieing is the quickest way to escape the problem." May be this strategy is getting popular these days.  Avoid it as much as you can because it may be a solution for you but a troublemaker for someone else.

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