03-November-2015 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Things I Learned On November 03, 2015:-
  - I decided to do something this
morning and I was amazed that God gave me an opportunity to make it happen just within an hour. Well I hope, it explains alot.
  - People not only waste their own time but also, of others just because of their own lack of knowledge.
  - When people show off, it can easily be recognised, especially by girls. (Gargi)
  - "Yes or No" They seem like a small words if you pronounce or look at them. But their use, just simply change the way you think and you can easily imagine their power.
  - I didn't know that a small act of generosity can bring joy and happiness in the hearts of many, just within few minutes.
  - Sometimes, You learn good etiquettes in life by doing few bad ones. (P.S. When I used to see people looking at girls continously, they always appeared as wierd to me. But today, when I was giving a random look to my crush,  I just stopped for a second  and thought,"Would I also seem wierd if I am being observed by someone else or may be CCTV Camera?!!" I was like, LOL and I just dropped the idea of looking and continued my work..) :-D .
  - You cannot guarantee participation, on the basis of the invitations sent by you.
  - When You control your habits well, one day they become your passion and ultimately a source of living. However, in case Habits take the whole control over you, that's where a disaster begins and you realize that you need to change your habits.

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