28-October-2015 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


  - Slow Poison is a very dangerous killer. In other words, things that fulfill your needs through the shortcuts, are the ones that ultimately create hurdles for you.
  - Taking decision in a hurry, can prove to be expensive for you in the long run.
  - When you make impossible, possible, you not only get appreciation but also a sense of satisfaction that you actually made someone happy by solving his/her problem.
  - I may not be the best in my field but still before sleeping, I always get a sense of self esteem that I actually solved someone's problem.
  - The better you perform, the lesser right, people get to speak against you.
  - By proving myself wrong and doing something against my own perceptions, I have realized that sometimes, we start believing on the myths that we just hear from others. But I am glad that I overcame one of such myths today and will start doing right from now onwards.
  - I was amazed to see that no matter how long it takes, but when people want to buy something special for someone they truely love, they feel like doing every possible thing to get it, to make their lover happy.

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