19-October-2015 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Things I Learned On October 19, 2015:-
  - A day out with someone can be planned at anytime.
  - If you do something only with the expectation of being praised by someone. Trust me, you won't feel satisfied if you don't get that.
  - Even if people has done something for you already and according to you, more can be done on that. Chances are, that you will do it by yourself once again.
  - Stories motivates you even more when they are related to what you are already doing.
  - Its not that I don't get time to do what I really want to. Infact I also have same 24 hours that any famous person could get. But the difference is, I kill most of it doing things that I don't want to but still do it.
  - When you do something for someone by going out of your locus and still they speak against it, you are likely to feel angry about it.
  - All emotions resides in us, such as Ego, Attitude, Love, Hate, Sympathy, Empathy, etc. But each one of these comes out, depending upon the circumstances and people attached to them.
  - Sometimes,  you need to go against someone you love, just to let them feel independent and do what they are actually supposed and want to do.
  - It may feel bad to be rejected but its even worse to hurt someone.

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