06-October-2015 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Sunday, 11 October 2015


Things I Learned On October 6, 2015:-
- Sometimes, you begin your day with a distraction and most of the times, you create one.
- That amazing moment when you know that many people are still sleeping and you have already started your day.
- Sometimes, I feel great to see that still there are some people who purchase mobiles just to gift it someone else.
- It gives a sense of immense satisfaction when you do something more than you are asked for.
- Money: When you don't have it, you chase it. But when it comes to you, either you try to run away from it or you set it free to let go. grin emoticon grin emoticon
- Its funny, how people use two sentences extra just to ask for a favour.
- Sometimes, Its better to take the right decision as per the circumstances than to blindly listen to your Manager.
- Our rate of performance may vary at times but we shouldn't lose our pace with them.
- Right is same. But some women take a stand to get it and some tolerate the violation of rights.
- That awkward moment when you enter the metro and you see the hoardings as "For Ladies Only" but more than 90% persons sitting on the bench below, are males whereas some women are standing in front of it.
- Any barren land can become a Corporate Building with just a simple business idea and an efficient execution.
- Its not the MRP that sells the product but the importance of need that becomes your reason to pay higher than MRP.

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