29-August-2015 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Sunday, 30 August 2015


Things_I_Learned On August 29, 2015:-
  - Sometimes you got to do something for others just to make them smile.
  - When you look for an instant success, you will fall from high altitude, and that too very hard. ( Thanks to Abhishek Sood)
  - Sometimes,  you got to make people realize what exactly they are doing and how it really effects other people.
  - Making someone smile is not so expensive but it generates valuable moments in their life.
  - No matter how critical the situation comes into your life, God always send someone to help you to come out from that trouble.
  - Never mix up your imaginary world with real world because one day, it will ultimately create problems in your life. ( Thanks to Diksha Koul )
  - You always get two options for every situation; either to react upon it or to think and take a step forward and act upon it. Ultimate Choice is yours...!!!

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