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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Things I Learned From My College Life

You must have experienced many ups and downs in your college life which might have taught you numerous things that made your life more worthy.
These are the list of things I learned from my college life and believe you might have also learned.
Some of them are as follows :-
- You cannot judge a person by the way they showcase themselves.
- Nobody can put more efforts in your task than you.
- Being procrastinator doesn't mean you are failure.
- Life is all about moving on.
- You need not to forget your past to live in present.
- Confidence: Fake it if you can't make it.
- Your past is the building block for your present.
- Everything happen for a reason but every reason is not justified.
- What you think, you speak; what you speak, you do.
- Perfect practice makes a man perfect.
- You cannot explore your hidden talents until you do something unusual.
- Change is the only Constant.
- Not everyone is going to like you and its perfectly fine.
- You must neither be too much serious nor careless.
- Best way for self-improvement is to compare yourself with your yesterday's version and make it better today.
- Don't define yourself on the basis of others' opinion about you.
- The more insult you feel, the more humiliation you 'll get from people.
- Reading newspaper daily, does make a difference.
- Sometimes, you need to unlearn certain things to learn great things.
- Trust yourself before first before you claim to trust others.
- It is easy to run from responsibility but it won't be beneficial at the end.
- Multi-tasking hampers your productivity.
- Being 100% ready achieves half of the challenge already.
- Failure doesn't mean you are not good enough.
- Keep the remote control of your life with yourself.
- Do not let others' reaction define your actions in life.
- Taking no decision is a decision itself.
- Deadlines never change; either you do tasks in best manner or you do them just for the sake of doing.
- No matter what you do, give your best.
- Procrastination of tasks doesn't really help.
- Day spent without reading a newspaper is a day wasted.
- Living a routine life doesn't give chance to learn something new.
- Nobody can stop you from doing what you can.
- You never fail until you give up.
- Later never comes, do it now.
- Procrastination gives rise to worries and stress.
- Don't look to the end of the road when you are still at the very first step.
- Daily update yourself with some knowledge.
- Frame the sentence before you say or ask something.
- Learn.
- Serve yourself first; First and foremost, your body and soul then serve society.
- Time passes, whether you utilize it or not.
- Your decisions should not be based on prejudice.
- Just because it 's been taught doesn't mean it 's been caught.
- Don't waste time wondering what others think about you, they are already busy thinking what you think about them.
- Hit the precise cause of a problem and solve it in such a way that it never comes back to you.
- Focus on not urgent but important.
- If you have something more than you need, share it with the ones who need it most.
- Don't think about job, think about career.Go get a goal in life.
- Put your actions towards achieving your goals.
- Education can only change the system.
- If you don't want to listen then don't listen, but don't disturb others.
- What you think, you become.
- Lack of information is harmful.
- Your body language speaks a lot about you.
- Always look for the cause of the problem but not the person who committed mistake.
- Convince yourself first before you convince others for something.
- Convert your bad habits into good ones.
- Start with a  small step for a big change.
- Person who cannot control himself, can be disturbed by anyone.
- Bring sense into your life, people will make your life non-sense otherwise.
- If you have found yourself in a hole, stop digging.
- If you want something badly enough, you will find a way for it.
- If not, you ll always find an excuse for it.
- Everything may fail, but logic never fails.
- The one who ask is fool for 5 minutes, the one who never ask remain fool forever.
- Success is a process not the achievement.
- You will succeed in one task, another work awaits.
- Its better to ask dumb questions than to commit dumb mistakes.
- To wish for a thing and being eager to have that thing are two different things.
- Don't be too much nervous or excited about things.
- Make every effort to overcome your weaknesses and it works.
- Listening is a skill.
- Ask a question only when required.
- Think before you speak.
- If you commit any  mistake, you must have patience to get forgiveness, its not the fault of the forgiver if he/she doesn't forgive you.
- People ll take the things the way you said, they won't know by what intention you said so.
- If one wants to do something, he/she ll do it.
- If not, he/she won't do anything.
- People don't want to hear what you feel/think, they want you to say what they want to hear.
- Have dignity for yourself.
- Have, I can do it attitude.
- When you work, work hard.
- Have positive attitude in life.
- You never know when you are going to need someone's help.
- Always build healthy relations with people.
- Life is a long journey, ups and downs are part of it so don't be afraid about them.
- What you expect doesn't happen exactly the same way.
- If you procrastinate your work to next day, your task ll get inclined with the amount of work you postponed.
- Keep calm and be confident.
- Don't be afraid, your boss is not a killer.
- Don't say sorry without any reason.
- Think before you speak.Be ready to face any competition.
- Keep your professional and  personal life separate.
- Don't be scared of anyone.
- Always present yourself as confident.
- Everyone has their motto to talk to you.
- Never try to manipulate your own thoughts.Have a dream.
- Believe in yourself and work for it, don't lose hope.
- Learn through your experiences rather than your own illogical intuitions.
- No matter how much you panic in difficult situations, end results are always fruitful.
- Think less, do more.
- God pulls you up, just keep your feet strong to stand on it again.

I am grateful to all the Teachers who taught me and the ones who came across in my life and left a piece of advice for living my life in a better way.
I m also thankful to my friends and my college mates who gave me such experiences in life that resulted as a building block for my present character.
I  also want to give gratitude to all the clubs such as Queastor Club, Synapz Club and National Service Scheme, without which my journey of college life could not have been easy.
Last but not least, I 'm thankful to my family who gave me an golden opportunity to study in Lovely Professional University and have such a wonderful experiences in my life.
Comment with the things you learned from your college life apart from the above.

Keep Learning :-)
Keep Sharing :-)
Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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