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My First Book

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My First Book

Are you tired of taking advices from people?
Are you in a dilemma regarding your career vision?
Do you have big dreams but still feel helpless at this moment?
There are people who lose their hope because of some uncertainties and bad experiences in life. Even after trying hard to come out of that pain, they are stuck at a certain point. If everyone had been optimistic about their lives, this world would have been a better place to live in.
It doesn’t matter, whether you are student who is trying to get a job, a reader who loves to know more about influential people or a person who has just begun his entrepreneurial journey, ‘I and the world through my eye’ can be of great help!
This book is a collection of real life incidents which transformed the life of a student and encouraged him to dream big in life. It talks about a student who comes across various people and acts as a listener to their stories with an eagerness to learn something new every time. It is the journey of an ordinary person towards the path of success. Moreover, it depicts the perspective of that student towards his surroundings and people he comes across on daily basis.
You will be able to relate most of the incidents mentioned in this book with your own life. This book contains mixed emotions, ranging from laughter, joy and happiness to inspiration, dedication and commitment towards the achievement of life goals. The protagonist believes that nobody takes birth as a wise person yet everybody carries a wisdom within themselves which others don’t.

This book will help you realize the beauty of observation and may be you’ll also start observing things rather than just looking at them. You will enjoy the splendor of listening attentively to wise people and appreciating their attempt of sharing real life experiences.
The short stories which are shared in the book will provide you an inspiration to pursue your passion and excel in life. 
This book has been written with a philosophy, “Before creating characters and narrating their stories, there are people in this world whose stories are worth hearing.”

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