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Tuesday 1 February 2022


 Nobody is Youer Than You:

No matter how many people claims how many times about how much they understand you, there will still be numerous moments when you will find yourself in a situation where nobody but you can understand how you feel.

It is mostly because the experiences that you went through in life, can only be true and completely transparent to you because everyone else will only come to know about few versions only to the extent you narrate to them.

“Then how come this title Rohit? How does it relate here?”, you may wonder.

Very good question.

Well! This title is given to the post because the reason why Nobody is truly able to understand how you feel is because they are not youer than you as the way they think, feel, behave is completely different from yours.

Someone rightly quoted, “Trying to be someone else is a waste of you.” It’s so true for the reason that only you have the chance to live the life of you and if you spend your time to be someone else, it would result in a waste of you as nobody is youer than you.

I understand that when we feel stuck in life, we generally take advices from people but at the end, we end up tallying those suggestions as votes and see which side weighs more in terms of their suggestions. So, you see? Deep inside your heart, you have this awareness that at the end, it is only your decision that matters.


Yeah! You guessed it right.

Because Nobody is Youer Than You.

What are your thoughts about it?

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