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Monday 30 August 2021

Life Only Makes Us Better | Rohit Sood

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I understand that life is full of ups and downs but still I believe that even after the downs, we get to become the better person than before and Life only teaches us to be better and grow as a person. Our growth to others will always appear as something that is not enough. But who will determine its impact when only we can understand how far we have come on this journey of life.

I started to write very early in life but still I went through the stages where I stopped writing much in the name of becoming a content creator. But the real peace lies in writing to express ourselves. Therefore, I have decided to write at least one blog on every single day so that I continue to express myself in a best manner.

I understand that it will be very challenging to start writing once again on regular basis but it is not impossible if I keep this seriousness alive within my heart, that passion that is needed today, to continue to write on daily basis. 

Isn't it funny that in spite of chasing perfection, we don't attain it always. Why is it so? Well! From where I see it, I believe that we chase to make our practice and learning zone perfect due to which every attempt we make, we want it to be perfect. But the truth is that the Perfection can never reside in Learning Zone because when we are in learning zone, it is okay to make mistakes but if we only practice and focus on getting better while we are learning zone, we will surely attain perfection.

What's your take on becoming a better person in Life?

How do you think we attain Perfection in life?

Do you agree with what I have shared in this post?

Share your thoughts in comments section.


Rohit Sood.


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