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Tuesday, 4 May 2021


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I started writing 'Things I Learned Today' Posts on my Blog on January 27, 2015 and continued to write them for every single day for 4 years till February 2019. I discontinued it due to some personal reasons which I have mentioned in one of the posts when I made an official announcement for the same on my Blog.

However, I made a decision to come back with 'Things I Learned Today' Posts from May 1, 2021 onwards. Due to some other urgencies, I couldn't start posting from May 1 but now, the time has come when I am again going to start sharing my daily learnings to you every single day from today onwards.

May 1, 2021:
Undoubtedly, it was my birthday, so I made the best out of it, however, there were so many things that kept going on in my mind. Got so many surprises, experienced so many things. On the other side, learnt various lessons.

Some of the lessons that I learnt on May 1 are as follows:
  • Sometimes, people don’t care to respect your feelings and therefore, you end up disrespecting them in order to defend your self respect. (It may not be a good idea but you end up choosing this path to protect your self respect in that moment.)
  • When someone wants to make you feel special, they will do it even when they are far from you.
  • In this busy world, when a person is taking out time to drop even a small text to you, be grateful.

May 02, 2021:
I may not have learnt many lessons on May 02, 2021 but one thing that I solely remember learning on this day is that most of the people that happen to enter in our life, will be selfish for one reason or the other and all you need to do is to patiently wait for them to show their true colors to you. Waiting for it may not be the best solution but that is all we need sometimes, a small moment of pause in which we can wait and just observe who is there for us and who is just pretending to be with us.

May 03, 2021:
Strangely, even though the day was quite relaxing but it was giving me high amount of mood swings with myself only that in one moment, I was really happy while on the other side, I started to think of what's missing from my life but all in all, I managed to end my day quite well in a way that would give me a peaceful sleep by the end of the day.

May 04, 2021:
This is a day when I actually felt that small actions bring profound results. I decided to start reading a book for 30 minutes and I ended up reading for 47 minutes. I decided to read 3 TEXTS of Bhagavad Gita but I ended up reading 7 TEXTS. I decided to analyze only May 1, 2021 and write about it, but when I started, then I decided to give closure to the first 4 days of May 2021 on an immediate effect so that I can share my daily learnings every day from Tomorrow onwards.

Thank you for reading this post so far.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Lessons.

Keep Learning,
Keep Shining,

Rohit Sood.

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