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Monday, 13 November 2017

Let Me Help You Unethically.

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Let Me Help You Unethically.

Today, one of my faculties shared some wonderful insights on the importance of integrity of an individual.
He narrated a story of a friend who was preparing for UGC Net with him but during the final exam, he could not answer one of the important questions but Sir tried to insist him to take his help but his friend denied. After the end of the exam when he came outside, Sir scolded him very much and asked, "You were preparing very hard for this day and when you got a chance to clear it, you denied. Why?"
"Because had I took your help today, you would have kept me reminding that I cleared UGC Net net because of you and whole my life I would have owed you every bit of salary to you in whichever profession I would have been.", his friend replied.

This short story reminds us about how self-respect plays a very crucial part in our life.

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