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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Becoming The Modern Master by 'Deborah King'

Becoming The Modern Master by Deborah King

#Things_I_Learned_Today (May 9, 2017):-
  1. That hilarious moment when people indulge themselves in gossips just to put their nose into your business. (P.S. Shankar received a call at morning.)
  2. Fear of failure is actually a good thing because it triggers your efforts/level of performance for certain tasks. (P.S. Kept preparing for SAP until the last moment)
  3. Sometimes, it's important to give suggestions to people only when you are on the same page with them in terms of level of understanding. (Lesson Credits: Gaurav Bali Sir)
  4. Prasad should not be taken to fulfill your hunger but to simply taste the gift of GOD. (Lesson Credits: Shankar)
  5. Lessons Learned from Webinar:Deborah King)

P.S. Today I attended a webinar with Deborah King 'Becoming the modern master'
It was a very interesting webinar, she talked about Traumas and the power of meditation to overome it. She discussed how Traumas effects energy.

Lessons learned from Deborah King:
  1. Write your emotions. Increase the use of journaling.
  2. Trauma is part of you. Learn to recognize it. You must have the coping skills as well.
  3. Ways to distract yourself from Traumas (Defence Mechanism): Disassociation, Acting Out, Repression (Forget purposefully), Deniel, Resentment & Revenge. These ways are not so good. However, There are better ways which will acyually clear the original wound. Typical Tools: Therapy & Counselling, Journaling, Crying.
  4. It is you who chose to have this lifestyle.
  5. Be the wounded healer.
  6. Other tools: Share your story, Energy healing.
  7. She also shared the concept of unconscious traumas. She made us do some exercises to release our old traumas. This was a 5-10 minutes exercise.
  8. She also talked about the Sutras which she learned from Asia. She was able to cure her cancer. Sutras have to be seeded.
  9. We all are spiritual beings who are having human experiences.

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