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Sunday, 30 April 2017

A Lecture turned Small Talk

A Lecture turned Small Talk

At the beginning of the lecture at 1p.m., Likhit Sir made it clear that the lecture will contain majorly the insights of motivation.

For a beginning activity,
He gave us three questions and asked us to answer them to ourselves.
The questions were as follows:
  1. Three things you fear the most?
  2. If you die today, who is the one person whom you will say sorry to?
  3. If your most loved one dies today, how would you react?
The questions were straightforward and clearly thought provoking but to know ourselves better, we must to answer to ourselves.
He gave us insights on 'The Theory of Natural Selection' by Charles Darwin.
It was not required yet he mentioned that in case we had no reason to believe the wisdom he was giving to us, we must listen to Shikha Sharma of ICICI who shared similar things in her recent speech.

Other Lessons Learned from his Session:
  1. 5% of the world carry 95% of the world. It is your choice, which side you wanna be.
  2. If you are right, learn the right ways to do them.
  3. Make your private life in such a way that if it ever becomes public, you won't feel embarrass about it.
  4. Start living your dream today onwards.
  5. If somebody is not your friend, keep in mind that he is not your enemy either. Treat people with due respect.

His words were hitting directly to the core of my heart as they carried the deep meaning along with a great level of encouragement. 

"Manage your fear, weaknesses and listen to your inner voice.", he added.

In addition, he told us about the people we must stay away from, which are as follows:

  1. Eternal Pessimistic
  2. Emotional Blackmailers
  3. Control Freaks.
  4. Opportunist/Sycophant.

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