March 16, 2017 - Dr. Suresh Kashyap Sir's Visit to Our Class, Q1641. - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

March 16, 2017 - Dr. Suresh Kashyap Sir's Visit to Our Class, Q1641.

Dr. Suresh Kashyap Sir's Visit to Our Class, Q1641.

#Things_I_Learned_Today  (March 16, 2017)
1.       One should clear his or her own mess so that it does not increase the work load of others. (P.S. Aunts were cleaning the corridors because of the garbage on the floor.)
2.       That awesome moment when you realize that your Teachers care for you even more than yourself. (Dr. Suryesh Kashyap Sir's visit to Q1641)
3.       You must have a vision in your life. (Lesson Credits: Dr. Suresh Kashyap Sir)
4.       Your time must be well regulated. (Lesson Credits: Suresh Kashyap Sir)
5.       Study at your study table instead of studying by sitting under a quilt. (Lesson Credits: Suresh Sir)
6.       2 years of your efforts will make your next 40 years bright. (Lesson Credits: Suresh Sir)
7.       Be an experts of the courses you study. (Lesson Credits: Suresh Sir)
8.       If encoding in mind takes time, decoding will also not be fine. (Lesson Credits: Suresh Sir)
9.       If you try to make your mind learn all at once, it will get a lot of pain with a lot of knowledge. (Lesson Credits: Suresh Sir)
10.   Efforts matter. Quality comes with efforts automatically. (Lesson Credits: Suresh Sir)
11.   You must have a vision board, daily time table posted in your study room. (Lesson Credits: Suresh Sir)
12.   You must prepare well before your performance, no matter in which category.
A Visit to Q1641 by Dr. Suresh Kashyap Sir.
The moment he entered our class, I realized there will be major purpose which made him to visit during our lecture. He began telling his intentions about how much big dreams he and the college are looking for us. I felt as if they care for us even more than we ourselves. He explained some aspects in a detailed manner and others directly to the point. In addition, he wanted us to take away few lessons with us after the session with him which are as follows:
1.       Vision: We must keep our vision in our mind as it will drive us to the right direction. (P.S. There must be an internal passion within us which never dies.)
2.       Communication Skills.
3.       Confidence.
4.       Knowledge: Knowledge is very important as it builds our Confidence and Communication Skills.
5.       5 Types of Knowledge: We must carry knowledge in at least 5 fields. (Basic Knowledge plus Advanced knowledge in few)
6.       Enthusiastic Personality:
7.       Flexibility.
8.       Planning.
9.       Sources: Newspapers, Books, Magazines, Journals, etc.
10.   Live Projects: Do at least 2 Live Projects.
11.   Certifications
12.   SWOT Analysis: Do your own SWOT Analysis.
13.   Daily Analysis: Make a daily analysis of your daily routine.
14.   Reading: Start from reading at least 2 articles a day thoroughly.
15.   Hobbies.
16.   Study in Depth.
A Day of First Performance on LPU’s DSA Stage.
 Later in the day, we were going to have a Viva in Finance class. This Viva was important to me because it was the one due to which I did not prepare for my Ultimate Spokesperson competition’s speech/Elocution. Though Viva went well and later in the evening, I gave my first performance of Public Speaking in the University and I could not get selected for the National Fest. But I am glad that at least I participated in it.
It was one of the most memorable days.
Thank you for reading,

Rohit Sood.

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