02-December-2015 - Things I Learned Today

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Things I Learned On December 02, 2015:-
- You have to lose something to get another thing in return, that's how you will learn to give value to the thing that you are going to receive. (P.S. Based on "A DREAM")
- No matter whether you are sleeping or awake, you always care too much for your life and infact, sometimes you change your path, by just letting go the motive of doing something that you are going to do, just to escape from your fear of losing your life. (Based On "A DREAM")
- More you explore the hidden things, the more different and useful things you learn.
- Learnings Of Chintan Vs Chinta.
- Some things can wait, but success never wait for anybody.  You must focus more on it at first place. (A video about chasing thing.)
- If you want to make people follow the lessons you learn, you must also learn to digest those lessons completely and apply them once again with an updated knowledge.

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